We are Fair Work and Safety Specialists

This guide is free and designed for small business. It provides resources on the management of the Virus, Fair Work, Safety and other information including government stimulus packages. It includes guidance and advice in addition to plain English explanations of how to navigate Fair Work, Safety and other regulatory requirements during the COVID19 pandemic.

What we do

We are Fair Work and Safety Specialists who work with the hospitality industry including restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros and hotels. We also have experience with many other SME industries including Accounting, Transport and Horticulture. We have clients with as few as two employees, and others with as many as seventy.

How we do it

We provide the following three services:

Employment Contracts, Policies & Procedures, HR & Safety Software, Help & Advice Line, 12 month health checks...........ALL IN ONE BUNDLE

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Our qualified Fair Work Specialists do more than just policies, procedures and employment contracts, they automate them with software so we can help you anywhere at anytime.


Our qualified Safety gurus use data combined with scientific evidence based practices to minimise safety risk in your workplace.

TWO Professions

Fair Work & Safety news and events

Fair Work Ombudsman Activity for 2018-2019

Full summary and link to 2018/19 report

383000Calls from employees
40 million in finesfor 18,000 underpayments
50% were hospitalityincluding fast food, restaurants and cafe's

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