Over 45 years of combined Fair Work and Safety specialist experience

As many HR and Safety degrees as a South Australian summer


Since 2009, our Co-Founder Ciaran Strachan worked with several SMEs in various sectors and noticed Fair Work and Safety Compliance were:
1. The biggest issues keeping small and medium businesses up at night,
2. Experiencing a shortage of appropriately qualified and experienced professionals supplying Fair Work and Safety software and services,
3. Not being serviced to the satisfaction of the owners by the providers that did exist in these sectors,
4. Not being led or managed by the Australian legislature, Legal, Human Resources and Safety professions and software sector with the end user in mind…..”the employees and employer.” Rather this approach was disjointed and confusing.

Consequently, this worried Ciaran so much that he shut down his previous company and, while being a stay at home Dad, he decided to complete an MBA specialising in Human Resource Management. During 2015-2016 Ciaran spoke to business owners, lawyers and accountants and asked one simple question……

What would would you like me to provide you so you CAN sleep at night?.

His research concluded owners wanted the following two things:

1. Bundles for small (1-15 employees) to medium (16-200 plus) business that supply both software and services at a reasonable price allowing our specialists to service clients anywhere, anytime. And that these were to be supplied and supported by appropriate software AND experienced AND qualified separate Fair Work, Safety and Payroll Specialists. 

2. Monthly presentations on hot topics, legislative changes and anything relevant to Fair Work, Safety and Payroll that an owner/employer and potentially employees would like summarised by an appropriate and credible expert.


hrsafe is South Australian owned and operated. We have clients across the state including Adelaide, Barossa, Gawler and MT Barker. Our software enables us to help you anywhere, anytime.

Our team

Vanessa Moore

Senior Safety Specialist

Vanessa is the co-founder and Partner responsible for Work Health and Safety at hrsafe. Vanessa has over 25 years of extensive experience providing work health and safety advice both as a consultant and as a valued member of senior leadership teams in other organisations.

Ciaran Strachan

Senior Fair Work Specialist

Ciaran is the co-founder and Partner responsible for everything Fair Work related at hrsafe. Ciaran has over 20 years of experience in Employment Relations, Strategic HRM, Payroll, ERP projects, HRIS systems and Risk Managment, both as a consultant and as a member of leadership teams in various organisations including major Federal Departments.

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