Free COVID-19 Business Guide

This guide is free and designed for small business. It provides resources on the management of the Virus, Fair Work, Safety and other information including government stimulus packages. It includes guidance and advice in addition to plain English explanations of how to navigate Fair Work, Safety and other regulatory requirements during the COVID19 pandemic.


Chapter 1 "The Virus" discusses the virus including its rate of spread and preventative measures taken by Governments including Australia in order to minimise its impact on our health system.

Last updated: 09 April 2020

1.1 The Virus – COVID19
1.2 Symptoms of COVID19
1.3 Flattening the curve
1.4 How COVID19 spreads
1.5 COVID19 in Australia
1.6 Confirmed cases of COVID19 in Australia

Chapter 2 "Safety" The management of risk, including PCBU various treatment and forms of work in order to slow the Pandemic.

Last updated: 27 March 2020

2.1 Management of risk
2.2 Public Facing Staff
2.3 Back of House Staff
2.4 Meetings, Working from home and Isolation
2.5 Contingency Plans
2.6 Dealing with Scuttlebutt
2.7 How to psychologically adjust to the COVID-19 Pandemic
2.8 Working from home, Posture, Ergonomic and Exercise Tips

Chapter 3 "Fair Work" discusses the legal implications of the Fair Work Act in relation to COVID19 small business challenges including Personal Leave, such as sick and carer's leave in addition to Flexible working arrangements for employers considering remote working.

Last updated 25 March 2020

3.1 Leave entitlements including sick leave, carer’s annual and long service leave
3.2 Flexible working arrangements including working from home/telecommuting
3.3 Casual staff
3.4 Stand down
3.5 Privacy and Rosters (coming soon)
3.6 Good Governance (coming soon)

Chapter 4 "Stimulus Package" Summarises the various Federal Government financial support available during the COVID19 Pandemic

Last updated: 02 April 2020

4.1 Support Measures for Business
4.2 Supporting the flow of credit
4.3 Supporting Individuals and Households
4.4 Jobkeeper Payment Summary  (NEW 02 April 2020)

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