Monthly presentations by leading experts

Webinars to date include Wagetheft, casual double dipping and flexible working arrangements.

Webinar topics

  • The difference between Wagetheft and Underpayments,
  • Casual Double Dipping.
  • Do we need IR reform?
Ciaran Strachan was lucky enough to be invited by Angela Vithoulkas from SMETV o talk about a few topics which he is quite passionate about including:


In this 20 minute interview, Angela and I discuss a few IR related topics including:
1. the need for a supporting IR framework that works,
2. the difference between wage-theft and underpayments, and
3. how there is no such thing as casual double dipping.
I also discuss the importance of combining specialists services (HR-IR and Payroll), with tech (payroll and shift rostering software) in order to mitigate Fair Work risk.


I hope our discussion helps SME business owners and Directors wade through the plethora of misinformation out there regarding these topics.
The full interview goes for roughly 20 minutes so enjoy.
Wagetheft and Underpayment Webinar

Webinar topics

  • Flexible working arrangements,
  • Their ROI, challenges, myths and impacts on mental health
Thankyou to David Radzanowski former Chief Financial Officer of NASA for sharing his journey rolling out flexible working arrangements at NASA over the course of roughly a decade. Also thankyou to Antony Malmo from Allos Australia, my co-host and Shelley Cox Workspace Barossa for recording the webinar. 


During this webinar, David shares insights with Ciaran Strachan from hrsafe and Antony Malmo from Allos Australia into:
– The journey, flexible working from one man to a department,
– Management challenges, including perception, culture and myths,
– Employee engagement and associated benefits ranging from reduced absenteeism/sick days to increased employee engagement, recruitment and attraction as an employer,
– Impacts on wellbeing and mental health,
– Balance sheet-measurable productivity gains, and
– Tips for those considering a permanent introduction of flexible working arrangements.

The full interview goes for roughly 57 minutes. Please enjoy.
Flexible Working Webinar