Two Professions

One System


Each bundle comes with....

Employee Contracts, policies and procedures

Risk assessment, Employee contracts, policies and procedures that are Fair Work, NES and WHS Act compliant.

Fair Work & Safety help & advice line

Call us as many times as you need for all those employee and safety questions.

HR & WHS cloud software

We help you to manage your Fair Work and safety obligations with the latest PC, tablet and phone friendly HR and WHS software.

12 month health check

We keep you up to date with the latest Fair Work, award, employment and safety changes.

We specialise in hospitality including cafes, bars and restaurants.



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The research behind the bundles

Since 2009, our Co-Founder Ciaran Strachan worked with several SMEs in various sectors and noticed Fair Work and Safety Compliance was:
1. The biggest issues keeping small and medium businesses up at night,
2. Their was a shortage of appropriately qualified and experienced professionals supplying Fair Work and Safety software and services,
3. The needs of the owners were not being adequatly serviced by the providers that did exist in these sectors,
4. The Australian legislature, Human Resources, Safety and software sectors were disjointed and not working together with the end user in mind…..the business owner.

Consequently, this worried Ciaran so much that he shut down Strachan Consulting and while being a stay at home Dad, he decided to complete an MBA specialising in Human Resource Management. During 2015-2016 Ciaran spoke to owners, lawyers and accountants and asked one simple question……

What would would you like me to provide you so you CAN sleep at night?.

The main answer from small business were BUNDLES


Owners, lawyers and accountants mainly wanted in these bundles……………….

Bundles for small (1-20 employees) to medium business that:

Bundles that supply both software AND services at a reasonable price allowing our specialists to service clients anywhere, anytime. Other features that make these bundles supperior to the competition include:

No fixed contract fee, termination clause or payout. If you want out, you get out without a big bill or threat of being taken to court. Instead threatening our clients, we reward them for their loyalty with a 2% reduction per annum until you hit a total discount of 10% for being with us for at least 5 years.

Qualified and experienced Fair Work and Safety professionals, not sales reps trying to sell them a contract and make a commission. Unfortuntately the industry is full of sales reps with no qualfications or experience in HR, Fair Work and Safety that tell you your legal obligations in order to get a signature to get that commission and lock you into a 5 year contract. And even after this occurs, you have no idea about the experience or qualifications of the person on the other end of the help line. 

Software options for Fair Work and Safety legislative compliance AND shift rostering/award automation. We have both, one core system for Safety and IR that stores risk assessment information, employment contracts and basic employee data (Stems). Deputy is our OPTIONAL system that automates your awards via its in built shift rosering saves you time and money. Our experts can help you remotely via both systems.

A yearly review to ensure they kept up with award and other legislative changes.

Ongoing support including a help line and software that enables both the specialist and employer looking at the same screen whilst working through the problem.

How SMEs haemorrhage money while failing to comply with the Fair Work and Safety Acts

1. Owners spend too much time on FWA/WHS compliance than on their own business, costing them revenue.

2. Medium business owners often employ under qualified or inexperienced HR/WHS Managers as Operations Manager, or internal Admin/recruiting and make them responsible for Fair Work and Safety. Almost always, they do not meet minimum educational or experience requirements, which in turn ends up as the latest Fair Work judgement, wage theft scandle, injury or death, due to the Operations Manager, Admin/HR Manager and Directors not following their own procedures, processes, breaching workers rights, underpaying awards (you get the picture). 50% of our time is spent on keeping up with changes, reading about new ones that are coming and reading current Fair Work and Safety judgements. Are you doing this much reading on Fair Work and Safety?

3. SMEs thing they can do it on the cheap. Hiring a part or full time person to do Fair Work and Safety badly is likely to be up to 5 times more expensive, and that is before a regulator may take any action. 

4. Lack of appropriate software that automates compliance and maximises employee engagement and in turn, productivity. Common mistakes are to rely on paper based policies and procedures that may protect the employer legally, but do not meet in intent of the FWA or WHS acts. Software that is designed to maximise employment engagement meets the intent as it actively engages the employee. However, poorly designed software often results in duplicated work effort and does not interact with accounting systems (it usually does payroll separately).